For years, I lived life with my glass half empty.

I used to wake up each day preparing for pain and heartache. More often than not, that’s what I got.

It was self-induced, of course, although I didn’t realize it at the time. I was so wrapped up in what others thought of me, I spent little time looking inwards. But here’s the thing; you can’t control what others think.

When I realized that, I stopped allowing my insecurities to rule me and began to question them ruthlessly, and I found answers. I saw how low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, past losses, and current fears were holding me back from being my authentic self — the me that makes me happy.

Being a freelance copywriter by trade, I started to use my craft as a vehicle for personal (albeit public) reflection. I launched Viv for Today in May 2017, and have been writing my heart out ever since. This experience has been instrumental in my life journey.

Like all life journeys, mine is evolving.

Today, my glass is (at least) half-full and I find myself compelled to amend the rules of this blogging game. I want this to be a place where I can truly capture a day in the life of me — be it a day of simple pleasures, a day of frustration, or a day of learning and growing.

I just want to write. No agenda. If you enjoy what unfolds, well, that would be swell. Hopefully you’ll stick around.

Viv for today xo

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