Are you ready for a shift?

If you want to overcome the self-doubt, fear of failure, and other interruptions currently prohibiting you from showing up as your best self, I’m here for you.

Choose from one of the following coaching packages. Payment plans are available upon request.

Step UP: 4 life coaching sessions (1 to 2 months)

Something needs to shift. You’re feeling disgruntled. You wake up each morning thinking, here we go again. You lack motivation, passion and purpose but can’t put your finger on where the shift needs to happen. You have two choices: suck it up and carry on, or step up and take control of your life. You know taking control is the right thing to do but you’re not sure where to begin. Begin HERE. Over the course of four one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll:

  • explore the various facets of your life to uncover how and where you could be living in greater alignment with the life you desire
  • examine the fears and limiting beliefs around any misalignments
  • zero in on steps you can start taking today towards greater peace, happiness and fulfilment

$489 + HST

Step FORWARD: 8 life coaching sessions (2 to 4 months)

You have a specific personal or professional goal in mind. You can picture the finish line. You can even imagine what it feels like to be on the other side, but when you consider the path you’ll need to navigate in order to get there, you feel overwhelmed. You wonder, am I really capable of achieving this goal? Yes, you are, but you need to believe it to achieve it. Over the course of eight one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll:

  • explore and fine-tune your goal to ensure it aligns with your greater life vision
  • work together to alleviate the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you can move forward with an improved sense of self-trust
  • uncover possibilities you may not have realized were available to you
  • determine steps you can take in order to achieve your goal
  • create the momentum you need to keep moving forward confidently once your eight sessions are complete

$929 + HST

Step BEYOND: 12 life coaching sessions (3 to 6 months)

While Step FORWARD helps you create the momentum you need to own your greatness and turn your goals into your reality, Step BEYOND offers you continued support and an enhanced accountability framework to help you find your groove so that you can maintain momentum for the long-term.

$1259 + HST