A personal reflection on the importance of self-love

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I wasn't born yesterday. I understand the importance of self-love. What amazes me is that I still make the mistake of looking for it in the mirror. A few weeks ago, I accompanied my husband to the barbers for his bi-weekly Peaky Blinders-inspired haircut. Afterward, [...]

How to stop over-analyzing. Should you? Could you?

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Your best friend says she thinks you should. Your brother tells you to think it through. Your dad says he wouldn't if he were you. Your husband says STOP ANALYZING.  Think it through. Stop over-thinking. Analyze. Stop over-analyzing. It's tiring stuff. Mixed messages coming at me [...]

Marriage advice for newlyweds – inspiration from the ski slopes

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If I were asked to share just one piece of marriage advice for newlyweds, this would be it. My husband and I had a pretty quiet Christmas this year. Our respective daughters were with their other parents (we're one of those families) so it was just the two [...]