Good morning yoga! Moving with a light heart and an open spirit

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There are rarely more than two or three of us at my early morning Pur Yoga class. Not surprising given it begins at 6:30. Still, despite the ungodly hour and poor attendance, our teacher Toni never fails to bring us her best. The focus of today's yoga [...]

Hey beautiful. It’s time to embrace your awesomeness.

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Today I want to talk CONFIDENCE because without it you'll never be able to embrace your awesomeness, and trust me. You are awesome. Confidence alluded me for, oh, I'd have to say about five decades of my life. Yep, I'm 52 and I can truthfully [...]

Emotionally numb in response to Toronto’s deadly van attack

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In an article about the emotional impact of last week's van attack in Toronto, writer Margaret McKinnon says that "even those of us who simply saw news coverage of the horrible incident" may experience PTSD. She explains it is normal to experience increased irritability, problems concentrating, [...]

A personal reflection on the importance of self-love

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I wasn't born yesterday. I understand the importance of self-love. What amazes me is that I still make the mistake of looking for it in the mirror. A few weeks ago, I accompanied my husband to the barbers for his bi-weekly Peaky Blinders-inspired haircut. Afterward, [...]

How to stop over-analyzing. Should you? Could you?

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Your best friend says she thinks you should. Your brother tells you to think it through. Your dad says he wouldn't if he were you. Your husband says STOP ANALYZING.  Think it through. Stop over-thinking. Analyze. Stop over-analyzing. It's tiring stuff. Mixed messages coming at me [...]