Please stop talking! Your kid needs a little peace and quiet.

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Peace and quiet. We all need it from time to time. Sometimes we just need to block out the noise. You'd think an aquarium would be the perfect spot for quiet contemplation. Not so much. I know. I went to one last Sunday along with [...]

Marriage advice for newlyweds – inspiration from the ski slopes

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If I were asked to share just one piece of marriage advice for newlyweds, this would be it. My husband and I had a pretty quiet Christmas this year. Our respective daughters were with their other parents (we're one of those families) so it was just the two [...]

The importance of modelling a positive body image

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Last night, I took my daughter to a screening of the movie Embrace – a documentary that explores how poor body image has become a worldwide epidemic. If you're a woman, I'm sure this comes as no surprise. Research suggests that 91% of us are dissatisfied with our bodies, [...]

Dumb mom move – check out my biggest parenting fail

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Anna was due to arrive mid-January. For Christmas, we were planning to visit my husband’s family in Ottawa. I wasn’t keen on the idea. I mean, babies come early, right? And I had an awesome midwife and birth plan in place and didn’t want to [...]