OK. I’ll just say it. I’m addicted to Instagram.

On the five mornings a week that I’m not rolling out of bed and into the car so that I can get to my stupid-early yoga class two minutes late every single time (sorry Toni!), I roll out of bed, put the kettle on, and pick up my phone.

Morning Instagram! What’s happenin’?

I came about this habit innocently enough. I’m a blogger (no s*** Sherlock). I love spilling my heart into these pages and my ego loves an audience. I’d heard that Instagram was a must for someone like me so I jumped on board and began to build a following.

As any marketing expert will tell you, following people on Instagram isn’t enough. You need to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. So I began to engage with an end goal in sight…

I engage with you. You engage with me. We build a relationship. My blog takes off and I quit my day job. (Actually, scratch the last bit; I write for a living and enjoy what I do.) What I didn’t expect was just how much joy I’d reap from other people’s posts.

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Some (not all) of the people I follow are following me.

Many of them, I’ve genuinely come to care for. I may not get a kick out of what they had for lunch, but I feel warm and fuzzy when their passion shines through. And when they make me laugh, oh boy, or should I say, oh joy!

As I was scrolling through my feed on this rainy morning, I decided to take a stand for why social media isn’t all bad and share a few of the rays of sunshine I took away from Instagram.

Some I chose for the pictures, some I chose for the captions, and some I chose just for the laughs. If you’re looking for accounts worthy of a follow, check them out:

Addicted to Instagram for the love of pictures

@Inspirebeyondborders: Talk about eye candy. I’m a massive fan of this Instagram page. Come for the photographs. Stay for the stories. Justin McDonald is on an incredible journey and he’s taking his followers along for the ride.


Credit: @inspirebeyondborders

@chloebarcelou: Chloe is a talented art director and stylist. She shares her works and works-in-progress on her page, but what I love most are the peeks inside the beautifully converted carriage that she and her new fiance (congratulations, Chloe!) call their tiny home.

Credit: @chloebarcelou

@marksingerphotographyIf you appreciate architecture, interior design and attention to detail, you’ll appreciate this page. Mark photographs high-end real estate in Los Angeles, going above and beyond to capture his inanimate subjects at their best. Oh, and he’s my brother 🙂

Credit: @marksingerphotography

Addicted to Instagram for the love of captions

@theimperfectlyperfectparent: Heather is gorgeous. She’s married to a football player and they have two beautiful kids, but that’s not why I follow her. Her well-written captions are honest and raw. Her vulnerability, bravery, and authenticity inspire me.

Credit: @theimperfectlyperfectparent

@laurabentley: While I have no regrets about being the mother of one, I’ve always said I would have liked a second, just for the chance to do it all again — but this time with grace. Laura tells it like it is. And it’s not always graceful.

Credit: @_laurabentley_

@lebelleamour: A picture may say a thousand words, but sometimes words are all you need. I can honestly say that pretty much every one of the captions this account feeds me has me nodding my head in agreement.

Credit: @labelleamour

Addicted to Instagram for the love of laughs

@rickygervais: There’s no place too low for Ricky to go! A few of the reasons I’m a fan: he loves animals, rocks sarcasm, swears like a trucker (me, too), and speaks a whole lot of honest-to-goodness truth. And he’s funny. Very funny.

Credit: @rickygervais

@littlelolasunshine: So this account doesn’t actually make me laugh out loud, but it makes me grin from ear to ear. And I don’t have a category for dogs. And I must include dogs. Dogs are the BEST.

Credit: @littlelolasunshine

@baddiewinkle: Just like my kid at the dinner table, I’ve saved the best for last. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This grannie has Instagram nailed. Tell me this woman isn’t living her best life!

Addicted to Instagram image 9

Credit: @baddiewinkle

So yeah, I’m addicted to Instagram. Wanna make something of it?

I still look up from my phone. I eat well. I exercise. I stroll the beach and spend time with real people, including myself. I’ll take happy anywhere I can find it, and I’ve definitely found a good dose of it here.

Got an Instagram handle you follow for s***s, giggles or inspiration? Drop me a note in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

Viv for today xo

I’m pleased to report that Instagram’s not the only place I get my kicks. Here are a few of my favourite things.

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