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The importance of putting inner peace before weight loss

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Google 'How to find inner peace' and you'll get 20,900,000 search results. Frankly, I'm surprised there aren't more. After all, the answer is different for each and every one of us. One thing I'm pretty sure of, though, is that you won't find it on [...]

An easy how to for imposters in pursuit of authenticity (yes, I’m a fraud)

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Hello. My name is Viv and I'm a fraud. I've been procrastinating. Again. I haven't published a truly straight-from-the-heart blog post since I wrote about controlling stress on August 31. In other words, it's been two weeks since I last wore my heart on my [...]

Crying in public – valuable insight from an unapologetic cryer

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Have you ever felt embarrassed, remorseful or ridiculous for crying in public? If so, this post written by an unapologetic cryer is for you. Guest post by Cathy Tubb Not long ago I was watching the morning news. A woman was recounting the story of [...]