I’m guessing you have dreams (don’t we all?) but how serious are you about realizing them? Are your dreams simply fantasies you escape to when you’re lazing on a Sunday morning, or are they part of the vision you have for your future self? For the longest time mine were the former. I was taking zero action so they were destined to remain a fantasy. Now, though, I’m well and truly psyched to bring my dreams to life.

How about you? Are you ready to bring your dreams to life, too?

Here’s my first tip: start calling them goals instead of dreams. It’s not that dreams are unattainable by definition. On the contrary, they’re actually synonymous with aspirations and ambitions. But we shouldn’t discount the fact that the Oxford Dictionary also defines dreams as unrealistic or self-deluding fantasies.

And then there’s the common saying, ‘a girl can dream.’ What’s that all about? To me, that suggests that there’s nothing wrong with us filling our pretty little heads with fanciful ideas but nothing about it suggests that we might actually be able to bring these dreams to life. Sure, a girl can dream, but a girl can also DO, and nothing inspires us to DO like a goal.

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Goals are about results. By reframing your dreams as goals, you’re suddenly focused on results. As the Oxford Dictionary states, a goal is:

  1. The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.
  2. The destination of a journey.

Unlike dreams, goals aren’t easy to dismiss. They don’t disappear when you wake up. They’re tangible and powerful, provided you’re able to muster up momentum. Ah, momentum. Now we’re getting to the juicy bit: the simple ritual that could help bring your dreams to life.

Have you read Girl, Stop Apologizing?

If not, order yourself a copy of this Rachel Hollis goal-getting how-to NOW! I’m telling you, she will call you out on every excuse you have for not trying to realize your dreams. She’ll also share clear steps you can take to manifest your vision using her 10-10-1 rule. Ten years, ten dreams, and one goal that I prefer to refer to as one vision. That’s what it’s all about.

Picture your life 10 years from now, Rachel advises. How do you look? Where do you live? What type of food do you like to eat? What do you do for fun? What gives you energy? What makes you happy? Go to town. Write it down. No holds barred. How is your future self living her best life?

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Once you have a single, clear vision of yourself a decade from now, Rachel suggests you pick 10 dreams (I prefer to call them goals) that you can pursue in order to make your vision a reality. Keep in mind the task is to focus on your future here, so 15 goals are five too many. If your list of goals is extensive, narrow it down to 10. Those are the rules.

Remember, we’re not talking steps here. If we were talking steps, your list would be overwhelming and you’d probably freak right out. We’re talking goals, each of which will inevitably take a series of steps to achieve but we’re not going there right now. Let’s get to the ritual. Are you ready?

Write down your 10 goals in a notebook. Every. Single. Day.

‘And write them as if they’ve already happened,’ says Rachel.

That’s it. Do this and you will begin each day with a prompt to take action towards the 10 goals you set to fulfil the one vision you have for the self you intend to be 10 years from now. Sure, there will be days that you don’t take action but as long as you wake up the next day and write your list out, line by thoughtful line, you won’t lose sight of the vision you have or the goals you need to pursue in order to realize it.

Here are the goals I’m pursuing  to bring my dreams to life

As random as they may appear to be, I promise you they are not. I arrived at these goals in the same way you will arrive at yours: by picturing every detail of a day in the life of your happy, fulfilled self, 10 years down the road, and working backwards. Here’s where that exercise brought me:

1. I am a published author — This is not a dream. This is a work in progress.

2. I am a public speaker — I seek meaningful human connection.

3. I have an office with a garden view — I am not a bat. I need daylight.

4. I live a fit and healthy life — I may not succeed at stepping into this goal every day, but damn it, I try.

5. I travel somewhere interesting every year — I’m not getting any younger.

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6. I read at least one novel a month — I’m a self-help addict in need of balance.

7. I have a coach who keeps me honest — I always do better when I have someone else to be accountable to.

8. I am a loving and cherished wife — Love is a verb. Verbs demand action. I need to give and receive love.

9. I am a kind and giving friend — When I die, that’s how I want to be remembered.

10. I have a wardrobe that reflects my authentic self — I am proud to be me and strut my stuff with confidence.

– Frances Bridges, Forbes, shares the 6 best pieces of Rachel Hollis advice on living your best life

So there you have it — 10 tangible goals that add up to the vision I have of my future self.  Note, my goal is not to connect with others in a meaningful way; it’s how I intend to connect. My goal is not to be happily married; it’s what I plan to do in order to make it so. My goal is not to feel confident; it’s how I’ll bring that confidence to life.

A happy marriage, human connection, confidence — these are all part of the vision I have for myself. The goals are the specific ways in which I plan to realize that vision.

Who do you envision when you flash forward, and what goals will bring that version of you to life? If your dreams are bigger than fantasies, if you truly want to manifest them, go buy yourself a magic notebook and a unicorn pen and start manifesting.

Here’s to making dreams come true.

Viv for today xo

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