How good are you at keeping promises? Let me rephrase that. How good are you at keeping promises you make to yourself. For that matter, how good are you making them? If you have goals — personal or professional — but keep on pushing them to the bottom of your list as you prioritize the needs of others, these accountability tips may be just what you need.

But first …

In case you’re thinking you can’t prioritize your own needs because a) others need you and b) you’re a nurturer at heart, it’s important to recognize that you can’t serve others full-heartedly without first serving yourself.

Sure, you can shuffle the kids from here to there, meet work-related deliverables on time, pick up and deliver groceries to your parents but …if you’re not satisfying your own needs, resentment is going to seep in.

You may not recognize it as resentment. It may show up as exhaustion, frustration, sadness, or general dissatisfaction. But it will show up. As any airline will tell you, you need to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. Are you good with that? If so…

Gather your goals and give these accountability tips a try.

1. Break it down.

Dorothy reached her destination by clicking her heels together three times. In lieu of magical ruby slippers, take your goal and break it into small, achievable steps. Then, commit to the first step. Just the first. Put your bigger goal aside and hold yourself accountable to that one baby step. You can do it!

2. Use a pen.

Remember those things we used to write with before our keyboards took over? Research has shown that physically writing things down allows for more focused action. You are more likely to hold yourself accountable to specific intentions if you jot them down — preferably in ink!

3. Write yourself a mission statement.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this one’s number 3. It’s one of the best accountability tips out there. In fact, I prepared a short video to explain exactly how a personal mission statement can help you hold yourself accountable to your goals. Look and listen.

4. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Many women wear multitasking like a badge of honour. Granted, it’s sometimes helpful. Why not empty the dishwasher while chatting with the cable guy, right? More often than not, though, multi-tasking is a thief. It steals away your focus, which makes it hard to achieve the task at hand. When the task at hand is one that could contribute to your wellbeing, multi-tasking becomes the thief of your wellbeing!

5. Track your progress.

Keeping your eyes on the prize is essential, but it’s equally important to look back and track your achievements. On those low-confidence, low-energy, low-[fill-in-the-blank] days, it’s easy to lose faith in our ability to achieve the end goal. On such days, it helps to review past successes. Keep a journal, use a habit tracker, or write your wins down on post-it notes and stick them on your bathroom mirror. Refer to them when you’re having a bad day, or even a good day, because you really shouldn’t need a reason to celebrate your greatness!

6. Find an accountability partner.

Research suggests we’re 95% more likely to achieve our goals when we commit to others and share our progress regularly. An accountability partner doesn’t have to share your specific goal, but they do need to share a genuine interest in your success. Partner with a friend you can count on to champion your efforts, join a group that’s dedicated to supporting individuals who share your aspirations, or join an accountability group like my Monday Jumpstart!

accountability tips 1

Do unto yourself as you would do unto others.

Nothing will reap you greater returns than the time, money, and other resources you invest in yourself, so resist the temptation to consider your personal pursuits selfish. They are anything but. The more value you add to your life, the more value you’ll be able to add to the lives of others.

It’s a win-win situation, really.

Viv for Today xo

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