You’re searching for joy but can’t seem to find it. I get it. I spent years looking for joy. Unfortunately, I was searching in all the wrong places. It wasn’t until I began to take responsibility for my life that I was truly able to spark happiness. 

Happiness. We all want it, yet so many of us feel we lack it. Why is that? Surely we’re all entitled to our share of joy. So why does it so often evade us? Did we do something in a previous life that made us unworthy? Are people standing in our way? Are we victims of circumstance? Or are we simply looking for it in all the wrong places?

Is the pursuit of happiness standing between you and your happiness?

Possibly, yes. While we often talk about the pursuit of happiness, what we should in fact be pursuing are moments of meaning, moments of peace and moments of joy — as much with ourselves as with others — all of which add up to the fulfilment we perceive as happiness and none of which we can experience unless we live in the moment.

Below are 5 articles that I hope will inspire you to get more out of each moment and ultimately spark happiness in your life.

1. Maintaining a sunny disposition, whatever the weather.

I firmly believe we’re responsible for our own happiness, even in the face of elements that are beyond our control — like rain, sleet, snow, bone-chilling temperatures and short, dark days. If overall happiness depends on the accumulation of positive moments, and you deprive yourself of positive moments because of elements outside of your control, happiness will elude you more than it will find you. This article shares three little worlds to help you spark happiness, whatever the weather. Read more.

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2. Want more joy? Look for happiness in your own backyard.

Before you go shopping for groceries, you check your pantry, right? I mean, how many cans of stewed tomatoes do you need? Before you go looking for happiness, consider doing the same. Chances are that numerous moments of meaning, peace and joy are well within your reach. They’re just tucked away in the back of the cupboard, which is why you can’t see them. Keep reading.

3. How to live life in balance — yoga inspired

While our gut instinct is often to do more in the hopes of reaping more, the opposite typically happens. Sometimes our efforts backfire in the form of a pulled muscle, sometimes in the form of a stomach ache, and sometimes in the form of a complete and utter meltdown. Yes, what you get out of every moment has everything to do with how much you put into it, but that doesn’t mean that more is always better. Read on.

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4. True happiness — are you sure you haven’t found it?

The search for true happiness is talked and written about so much, you’d think it was as hard to come by as a cure for cancer. Is it, or are we just getting swept up in a movement? Some people are able to spark happiness in the simplest of ways, like a good book, a night out with friends, or watching countless reruns of friends. But others are pursuing something bigger. Something ‘more meaningful,’ but by whose definition? Read more. 

5. Forget TGIF. How about TGFT (Thank God for Today).

If you think you live in the moment, let me ask you this: do you ever catch yourself saying or thinking “thank God it’s Friday”? If so, guess what? You’re not living in the moment. You’re living for the moment you can finally put Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday behind you. If anything, that’s anti-living-in-the-moment and that, my friends, is a real joy sucker. Want to shift your thinking and spark happiness on the 208 days you’re currently throwing to the wind? Keep reading.


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