Guys, I wanted to tell you about my all-time favourite reusable cup!  Everywhere I go, people comment on how cute and clever it is and I’ll be honest, I totally dig the attention. 😜

More importantly, though, I love how this cup has helped me minimize waste more than any other reusable cup I’ve ever owned. Given we tend to gravitate towards like-minded people and you’ve found your way to Viv for Today, I’m thinking odds are high you might like it, too.

It’s called Stojo.

I picked mine up in a store when I was visiting my parents in London, England. I’ve yet to see one on a store shelf in Toronto but the good news is, they’re available on Amazon and they’re really fairly priced.

The best thing about my favourite reusable cup is it’s COLLAPSIBLE!

Why do I find this feature so thrilling? I’ll tell you why.

I have a couple of regular reusable cups that do the trick just fine. The problem is, when I’m not heading out with the intention of buying coffee, I don’t take them with me — unless I’m carrying a purse that’s large enough to hold one, which I rarely do.

Walking with a dog leash in one hand and a cup that I may or may not use in the other feels unnecessarily cumbersome. The thing is, though, one can never be sure when one’s going to need a caffeine fix, and you know what that means, right?

It means despite my best intentions, I often end up buying a coffee-to-go in a paper cup and creating waste. Sheesh.

Quick side note. Back to dogs for a minute …

If you’re a dog owner, perhaps you’ve seen or even own one of these. Same concept designed for creatures with shorter tongues!

Waste is bad for the planet and it’s bad for the conscience.

Since buying my collapsible reusable Stojo cup I’ve been able to reduce my waste significantly because it collapses into itself and fits easily into my smallest purse so it’s never a burden to carry. I was going to record my own demo but luckily (for us both) I came across this.

It’s genius, I tell ya!

So, what else can I tell you about my favourite reusable cup?

1. It’s made from silicone. That’s a win for me because I can just throw it in the dishwasher, unlike some of my other travel cups that sit on the counter for a couple of days, waiting for me to muster up the energy to handwash them. #lazy

2. It doesn’t leak. Provided you close it properly, which is simple enough. You just plug the plug securely into the plughole and even if you have a few drips left in the bottom of your cup, you’re good to go.

3. My nose doesn’t get in the way when I’m drinking.  I didn’t think I had a big nose until I bought a reusable bamboo coffee cup last summer. I felt good about my eco-friendly purchase until I actually used it. When the drinking hole is open, the plug stands upright making it impossible for me to take a sip without tilting my chin to the sky. The Stojo cup, on the other hand, has a plug that lies flat against the lid.

4. The cup has good airflow. I’m sure the Stojo isn’t alone here, but there are definitely cups that are a struggle to drink from. For example, the bamboo cup I refer to above has a teeny, tiny hole and I end up feeling like a toddler trying fighting to get a drop of apple juice out of a sippy cup. That’s way too much work, especially before coffee!

5. It makes a great gift. Spoiler alert: if you’re related to me, chances you’ll be getting one of these for Christmas or your birthday because they’re super cool and good for the planet. #winwin. And inexpensive — not that you’re not worth the money!

A final word.

I’m truly committed to growing Viv for Today with integrity. I’ve reviewed this reusable cup because it’s something I use every day (or every second day, at least). If you end up getting one for yourself, I hope you’ll enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with every cup!

Viv for today xo

Before you go …

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